Hill Country Escape

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days housesitting for friends at their beautiful place in the Hill Country. Their home is perched atop a hill outside Spicewood with a view of Lake Travis.


Each day, I had a few fun chores to do. First, feed the cats who sleep in the rafters of the shed.


Next, I headed down the hill to feed and water the miniature donkeys Jaques and Lulubelle. They munch away in a field of bluebonnets next to the log cabin.



Next door are The Girls. They loved the veggies I brought them, but were way too worried about this stranger to lay any of their delicious fresh eggs.


Another important task was to fill the bird feeders and birdbaths. A huge colony of avian friends provided hours of entertainment.


The only tough decision I had to make was where to hang out and read. On the porch watching birds and the changing sky over the lake?


In the gazebo by the garden?


By the pool?


In a field of bluebonnets under an ancient oak at the lakeshore?


A tough decision, so I chose all of the above! What a lovely sojourn and extended Artist Date in the Hill Country.


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